Procurement is in the DNA of Gemaco. Our team of merchandisers, guided by our procurement specialists, will ensure that you receive value for your money spend.

Sourcing hubs

From our three sourcing hubs, all global factories are close by to Gemaco.


For selected clients, Gemaco offers outsourcing solutions.


Local & global approach

Gemaco uses its global footprint to ensure that clients benefit from our buying power and presence close to the factories around the globe.

Our account teams are located on the doorsteps of our clients, providing solutions suitable to the markets, understanding the global brands with a local touch.

The teams are close to the sources of production in China, the Far East, Mexico and Eastern Europe to find the factories providing high quality products at attractive cost.


For selected clients Gemaco offers outsourcing solutions.

Gemaco wil manage your complete supply chain based on a pre agreed fee.

Please contact us for more information on these solutions.

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