The proof of the pudding is in the eating.

Stijn Van Loo

Digital Project Manager



I started tinkering with PHP around the year 2000. At my first job as a Web Developer at Netlog I already worked together with Maarten. After some detours involving administrative work and Business Intelligence (god forbid!), I re-focused on web development and gradually evolved towards the function of Development Manager and Product Owner

As the least-devvy guy of the bunch and a father of three boys, I’m prepared to deal with the occasional mockery and laughter ;-).

In the little spare time I have left besides the misses and the kids, I enjoy running, hanging out with friends, watching sci-fi movies and trying to maintain a relevant taste in music. When it comes to software code only two things are important to me: does it work and is it extendable?

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Hanging out with friends

Family Time

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