Honoured to work for our clients, confident in what we deliver.

Kim Herman

Managing Director



​By now, you have probably read about all the other guys in our team. If not, you should. 

As the Head of Web Development it's my job to mold the team to get the most out of everyone's talent and I can assure you, we have some amazing guys working on your (future) projects. 

It gives me the chance to get in touch with all the aspects of the projects, whether it's analysis, project management, design or development.​I ended up here at Uni-t over 5 years ago after some detours as a business analyst & a freelance web development career. 

Before that, I thoroughly enjoyed my studying years by running through courses in Psychology, Economics & Graphic Design to end up at my one true love : Web Development.

Outside of work we like to have a nice lunch or diner together while brainstorming for our next project to keep up the atmosphere of the crew. ​Just kidding, we just love to eat, no business at the table.

Being a DJ in my spare time allows me to let of some steam in the weekend and be back on monday with fresh energy to get your project to the next level. Talk to you soon.


Dj & Music Lover


Information junkie

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