We help you to organize a plastic free (business) event

27 June 2018

Planning any events in the near future? Think about your plastic consumption! Mainly because of our planet but also the European Union has proposed banning plastic products like cotton buds, straws, stirs and balloon sticks in an attempt to reduce litter spoiling beaches and ocean beds. But no worries, you can still organize a (business) event or have a cozy after work with your colleagues, just like before. Find out possible alternatives for plastic items and simple tricks to reduce your ecological footprint. Of course Gemaco likes to help you discovering them!

Starting with the invitations of your event. Send a combination of an invitation, an entrance badge, a time table and a location map, all printed on 1 document, ta-da! All this can be attached to a biodegradable lanyard. If you don’t work with a badge, you can choose entrance bracelets made from recycled bottles or bamboo fibers.

At an event the most plastic waste comes from the catering, but also this issue can be solved. Plates can be made from paper or wheat bran, cutlery from wood or wheat bran, cups from paper and straws from paper, metal, bamboo or hay. While the decomposition time of plastic takes ages, paper takes 6 months and wheat bran only 30 days. Worth thinking about!                                            

And after dinner? Recycling of course! Make a combination of several trash cans: for papers, for compost, for bottles and cans,... It’s easy for your invites and the best possible way to reduce waste. Just keep in mind: don’t throw away your metal straws, they can be re-used for all the events in the years to come!

And what about the goodie bags? Bags can be made from a lot of sustainable materials. And also the gadgets in it, can be 100% eco. A sustainable pen, a notebook, a drinking bottle, you name it, we have it!


To round up, with a lot of little interventions, your event can be more sustainable than before and you are prepared for the new European rules! Any questions about it? Just let your account manager know or send us a message through the form underneath. We are very pleased to help you organizing a wonderful ecological event!

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