Stretching @ work: Gemaco DID IT!

15 February 2019


On the principle of a healthy mind in a healthy body, we had our first stretching lesson at our office in Mechelen.  About twenty people of the Gemaco-team took part. We all can say that it was not very easy and still have a lot of work on our agility, but we DID IT and it was GREAT!! 


After the training we felt like elastics but in the afternoon, our productivity raised to higher levels and that’s the reason why sportive breaks are so important.


But they are many OTHER REASONS:

  1. Better Performances: Did you know? You get more oxygen in your brains when you sport. Because of this oxygen you can concentrate better and longer. Beside this, we also create a hormone, called endorphins. This hormone ensures that we have less stress. And a life with less stress, isn't that what we all want? 
  2. Less illnesses: The more often we exercise, the less susceptible our immune system is to diseases. Insufficient movement weakens our physical resistance. That's the reason why we need to sport and live more healthier 
  3. Group feeling: When people make efforts together, the group feeling will increase. This will have a positive effect on the work floor because the team spirit is increased. Don't forget! Together you can reach the top faster, so climb as one team. 
  4. Self-confidence & motivation: We will feel better about ourselves through sports. This ensures that our self-confidence will increase. And a higher self-confidence leads to a more motivated and happier you! So, start now!


We can conclude that the Gemaco-team made a great start!

So, Up to the next work-out!



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