Spotted on the summer festivals

25 July 2018

Summer festival season has officially started which means: Time for some trend watching!

We had some people on the terrain and had a close look to the news reporting for answering the following questions: How do they look like? What are they wearing? How do they behave? What are they eating? And drinking? What are their favorite gadgets during concerts? …

We made a nice summary about it! So planning to visit any summer festival the coming weeks? Make sure your outfit and the things you are taking with you are on point!

Woodstock trends: Headbands & bandanas - Fanny bags - Stripes - Propeller caps - Funky prints - Lamzac's and SeatZac's - Transparent bags (the security people like them a lot!) - Written messages for the bands playing - Umbrella hats - Denim dungarees

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