No more ruining your festival outfit with sticky drinks!

20 July 2017

No more ruining your festival outfit with sticky drinks!

We regularly receive requests from clients that want to order cup keepers, since all productions of this item go through us. This year was no different. We have produced over 75000 pieces for Tomorrowland and they are just sitting there, waiting for you, so be sure to get yours at the festival!

The interesting thing is that this item is the end result of a cooperation with students and the inventor of this item. They needed to produce a fast-selling item so ofcourse they came knocking on our door! As we felt that there is already enough waste on festivals, we wanted to produce something both durable and functional.

Cup keepers have become a popular festival item over the last couple of years. And for those of you with a big question mark in the eyes: the cup keeper is a foldable plastic item that allows anyone to carry six (yes, you’re reading this right) drinks with only one hand!

Can’t wait to get yours in hands? Head down to Tomorrowland this weekend or the next, or stay tuned for more productions!

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