Happy International Coffee Day: The hottest coffee trends

28 September 2018

Coffee is a hot topic. We drink a lot of it. In all kind of places and circumstances: to wake up at home, in meetings at the office, and with friends in a hipster coffee bar. We upgraded our ordinary coffees to cappuccinos and latte macchiatos. Even at home we have the most sophisticated machines to become real baristas. And we believe the coffee hype will not be over soon. Let’s have a look at the most popular trends.


We love variation! A cup of black coffee may taste wonderful in the morning, but sometimes a little (or a lot) milk can add an extra touch. Same for the kind of cup you are drinking from. A white one made from ceramics, or maybe a double walled glass? Printed with a colorful print or just with a basic quote? Everything is possible!


Coffee doesn’t always have to be warm. Ice coffee is becoming very popular too! You have to admit, it looks really hipster in a drinking jar with a reusable straw, isn’t it?


As much as we love a tasty cappuccino and a creamy latte macchiato, sometimes we really crave a coffee who’s ready in just one minute. Ease and speed are in most cases very important and for those reasons coffee pads and cups are still very popular! A good looking travel mug is also a must-have, as coffee on the go gains popularity.


But the ease and speed trend is countered by the return of filter coffee. On a slow Sunday morning it can be so much fun to enjoy a nice cup of slowly brewed coffee. Mmm!


So for now, enjoy International Coffee Day, Week, Month, Year,… Whatever, a nice cup of coffee has to be celebrated all year! Curious about what Gemaco can offer in the coffee theme? Just contact your account manager!

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