Gemaco's alternatives for "boring" business cards

25 September 2018

Do you know how many business cards we swap in a lifetime? Hundreds? Thousands? We really haven’t got a clue. And do you know 88% of these numerous business cards are thrown away within a week? Catchy colors, punchy typography or appealing pictures are not enough to catch people’s attention. You need to be creative, to stand out, to break the rules, to think outside the box! We collected some cool ideas for your inspiration! Let’s try to give your business card a long lasting life!


  • Make sure your face is never forgotten with these “mini-you” figurines. Extra benefit: add some useful information on the integrated USB.
  • Go for this Rubik’s cube keyring, it’s fun! People will never be bored and everyone’s going to crave your business cards!
  • Who thought you could transform your business card into a fashion accessory? Your résumé will look cooler than ever on a tote bag.
  • Colorful and useful sticky notes, they can be found on any desk. Visibility and success guaranteed.
  • No need to carry hundreds of business cards with you anymore. With this light-weight portable stamp, you’ll have an extra add-on at the swapping of cards moment at meetings. You’ll be able to stamp your info literally everywhere: from people’s notebooks to random surfaces in your office.
  • Imagine the surprise people will have when realizing that the business card you gave them is filled with tasty mints! We are sure they will get a place in the bags of many receivers, to assure a good breath at any moment.
  • This emergency power booster will make you a life saver each time the smartphone battery level of your contact person is low. Does there exist a better kind of personal branding?
  • Filled with growing seeds, this card will soon become a pocket edition of a plant kingdom! We are sure your customer will remember meeting you when looking at the flowers your business card nourished.


Did we arouse your curiosity? Contact your Gemaco account manager and discover the most suitable business card for your company!

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