Gemaco Group and Supremia International join forces

13 July 2018

We are extremely pleased and excited to inform you that Gemaco Group and Supremia International have decided to formally join forces starting July 9th 2018.

The merger evolves both companies into a genuine global leader within our industry. The consolidated Group will have a total revenue of nearly 200M USD and over 400 employees across all continents (Europe, USA, Mexico, Russia, Dubai, Singapore, China, and Hong Kong).

The Group will consolidate Gemaco’s Sales Promotion division and Supremia commercial activities under the brand GSP. The GSP division will be lead by a global joint management team consisting of current managers across both companies representing each continent.

We strongly believe, that with this merger, our Group will be able to further increase our respective strength in terms of products, footprint, and service scope, and therewith be able to support even further our clients across all our divisions.

In case you might have any question, please do not hesitate to reach out to either of us.


Gemaco Group:                                                         Supremia International:

Koen Heyvaart                                                            Sedat Kahya (Chairman)

Kristof Marivoet                                                           Richard Thomson (CEO)

Peter Henk Heijstra   

Oene Mees    

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