Gemaco GMBH supports Slukat learning center on Bali

22 March 2017

What could be better than receiving a gift? Making a gift - especially for Christmas!

Therefore our colleagues from Gemaco in Germany decided to donate parts of the Christmas budget (budget for customer gifts as well as for the team party) to a sustainable and social cause. Thus we collected 2800 EUR for the trainings- and education center „Slukat Learining Center“ on Bali. We received a lot of positive feedback from our customers, in whose names we donated the money. „It is great to see what our little contribution was able to accomplish- in favor we were happy to cut some costs for the Christmas party“ says also Kai Hillers, account manager  of the Gemaco team.


Founder of the Learning Center, I Gusti Agung Rai and his family, and all pupils are very happy with new books in the library, maintained school vehicles, new computer equipment and a playground for the children visiting the daycare facility.



At Slukat Learning Center Balinese children get the chance on an independent and secured future, where they qualify for the jobs in Balinese tourism industry thanks to education. Read more at

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