Modern Slavery Statement 2019

In 2018 Supremia International Ltd merged with Gemaco Group. The merger evolved our group into one of the global leaders in our industry.

 Supremia International Ltd continues to operate in the UK as a supplier of premiums to global corporations.

 We predominantly source and produce products in China. We also source some domestically in the UK and across Europe. We cover a wide spectrum of product categories with fashions and trends dictating each year the type of products we focus on.

 Supremia is committed to playing a positive role in helping to eliminate slavery, human trafficking, exploitation of child and forced labour, as well as poor working conditions. Our directors, buying and compliance teams visit the factories we use to produce our orders. We are also working with our partners, including leading independent third party corporate social responsibility auditing companies, to identify and address non-conformances within our global supply chain.

 Supremia ended our membership of the ETI in 2018. We have made big strides as a company towards understanding the challenges in our supply chain through our ETI membership. Being part of the ETI has shaped our policies and practices to help us improve conditions for workers and address risks of slavery in our supply chain.

 We have adopted the 9 Key Principles of the ETI base code within our own vendor identification and auditing program. This has allowed us to improve our supplier identification process, as well as develop and implement improved ethical practices throughout our existing supply chain. Through our in-house inspection teams we ensure a copy of the ETI base code is signed by all suppliers and is displayed in communal areas so workers have visibility of it. This has been extremely beneficial, not only to Supremia but also for our suppliers and their workers.

 It is Supremia company policy that all suppliers are audited by either a third party and/or our own lead auditors who are certified by accredited third party audit companies. Core suppliers are systematically re-audited every 18 months. In the last year we audited 55 factories in our supply chain and found no evidence of slavery.

 Outside of auditing, all ethical issues are escalated to board level. Directors and buyers will then address the matter directly with the supplier. Supremia would consider terminating a relationship if after a period of discussion and mediation a satisfactory resolution could not be found.

This statement was approved by the Board of Directors in March 2019.


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